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USP 1227 microbiological testing servicesUSP 1227 microbiological testing lab
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USP 1227 - Neutralization Validation Services

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Test method (USP <1227>) to Evaluate Method to Neutralize the Antimicrobial Properties of a Product

This antimicrobial testing method is used to evaluate the methods to neutralize the antimicobial properties of a product prior to estimating the number of viable microorganisms. The purpose of the antimicrobial test is to ensure the validity of the test results. For information on the antimicrobial effectiveness test and other microbial recovery tests call Accugen at 800-282-7102.

Custom USP 1227 - Neutralization Validation Testing Laboratory Services

Over 20 years of Experience in performing microbial/microbiology testing services.

Our expert team of microbiologists will work with you to plan and develop customized testing protocols to meet your specific antimicrobial testing needs.

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