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Selected Bacteria of Industrial Importance

Pseudomonas are aerobic organisms. They are Gram negative rods. They are usually infectors of wounds and burns. They also cause pneumonia in patients on immunosuppressive drugs. In cosmetics, the organism have been implicated in eye infections and loss of sight. A contaminated water system in a manufacturing plant has usually been found as the source of the organism. 
E.coli are aerobic Gram negative bacilli and can cause gastroenteritis or urinary tract infections. This organism can be found in water systems that are older or have corrosion in the pipes. 
Serratia has been found as a contaminant of disinfectants and surfactants. In a manufacturing plant, the source to consider first is stagnant product in the system. 
This organism is an aerobic Gram negative rod. Generally they are not pathogenic unless they are found in the blood stream. They can be isolated from contaminated surfactants and particularly quaternary-containing conditioners. It is a typical contaminant in households and can grow in poorly preserved products. 
The organism is a nonmotile aerobic Gram negative rod, and is very widespread in the environment. They are pathogenic organisms. Klebsiella pneumoniae causes severe pneumonia in people. Klebsiella is found in household products and can contaminate cosmetics during consumer use. 
They are motile, aerobic Gram negative rods and can cause urinary tract infections. Its presence would indicate either contamination of raw material like surfactants or use of highly contaminated water. 
These organisms are non motile Gram positive cocci. Their presence in cosmetics indicates human contamination.  S. aureus is a pathogenic organism . 
Streptococci are Gram positive cocci. It is very rarely found in cosmetic products unless contamination is caused by a contaminated hand due to lack of good sanitary practices. They are pathogenic organisms and cause a variety of infections.
Bacillus are Gram positive rods and are spore forming organism that continuously disperse spores into water and plants. In the cosmetic industry , some of the more common raw materials to be contaminated by Bacillus are aloe vera and a variety of thixotrophic agents such as quaternized clay. Except Bacillus anthracis, the cause of anthrax, very few species of bacillus are pathogenic. 
Clostridium is an anaerobic gram positive rod. They are usually pathogenic causing a variety of infections like tetanus, gas, gangrene, and food poisoning.


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