ASTM E 2315 Kill Time microbiology testing labASTM E2315 Kill Time microbiology testing
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ASTM E 2315 Kill Time microbiological testing servicesASTM E2315 Kill Time microbiological testing lab
ASTM E 2315 Kill Time microbiological testing anaylsis

ASTM E2315 Antimicrobial Test / Antimicrobial Testing Services

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Standard Guide for Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity Using a Time-Kill (Kill-Time, Time Kill, Kill Time) Study Procedure

ASTM E2315 Time-Kill Test

This test method measures changes of a population of aerobic microorganisms within a specified time period when tested against antimicrobial test materials. There are multiple options to consider when conducting an ASTM E2315 time-kill testing study. These are important to define when conducting this test in order to ensure that certain variables can be distinguished and standardized. These can include:

  • Organism selection and growth (see below for more detail)
  • Inoculum preparation (see below for more detail)
  • Sampling times
  • Temperatures

The ASTM E2315 Time-Kill Testing procedure allows a comparison analysis of tests done under multiple different and varying environments, circumstances, etc.

This test's main purpose and importance is held in that it can be used to evaluate the decrease of a microbial population of test organisms after being exposed to certain test products and materials.

ASTM E2315 Time-Kill Testing Variants

Organism Preparation

  • transfer to growth media
  • transfer to agar plates
  • transfer to slants

Inoculum Suspension Preparation and Determination of the Microbial Population

  • Broth Suspension
    • prepared directly from broth
    • prepared from dilute broth
  • Agar Plate / Slant
    • washing of the microbial growth from agar surface

Custom ASTM E2315 Antimicrobial Testing Laboratory Services

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