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AATCC 30 Antimicrobial Test / Testing Services

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AATCC 30 - Antimicrobial Test

Antifungal Activity - Antimicrobial Assessment on Textile Materials

The two purposes of this antimicrobial test method (AATCC 30) are to determine the susceptibility of the textile materials to mildew and rot and to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of fungicides on textile materials. Accugen Laboratories provides quality textile testing services according to the standardized antimicrobial textile testing procedures.

The AATCC 30 antimicrobial test method provides two purposes:

  • determining the susceptibility of textile materials to mildew and rot
  • evaluating the antimicrobial efficacy of fungicides on textile materials

The AATCC 30 Antimicrobial Test standard (Antifungal Activity, Assesment on Textile Materials: Mildew and Rot Resistance of Textiles) contains several tests:

  • Soil-Burial Method - AATCC 30 Antimicrobial Test
  • Agar-Plate / Pure culture / Sterile Specimen Method - AATCC 30 Antimicrobial Test
    • for cellulosic materials only
    • employs the use of Chaetomium globosum: (common name - Yeast)
  • Aspergillus niger on glucose mineral-salt agar - AATCC 30 Antimicrobial Test
    • recommended for the evaluation textile samples in which signigicance is concentrated on surface-growing organisms

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