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Product Efficacy & Marketing Claim Support

Product safety should be the number one priority of every company that markets the products to the consumer. When a product is decided to be marketed, the marketer is looking for the excellent idea which will catch the eyes of the consumer. However, claims cannot be made without product safety, efficacy and claim substantiation.Following is the list of tests:
  • Skin Irritation Test /Patch Test
  • Accelerated Shelf life, stability
  • OTC products accelerated stability
  • Stabilibity testing at room temperature
  • Preservative effectiveness Test (PET)
  • PET should be tested initial and after 30 days of product at 40 degree centigrades.
  • Time Kill Test
  • MIC test (Minimum inhibitory concentration)
  • It is important to figure out a plan for testing the safety and efficacy of the product. Overall time and cost should be estimated. If the product fails the test, the modification of the formulation will be required. Before any other tests are performed, the preservative effectiveness testing or antimicrobial efficacy testing(AET) should be carried out . Safety testing such as human patch tests should be performed on the final approved formula after the PET tests/AET test,Time Kill test, MIC test and a 90 day accelerated stability test has been performed.


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